Thursday, March 22, 2012


Discuss ideas from these blogs with
other men and women. Explore ways to encourage each other to be funny and to
laugh uncontrollably.
After I shared my research on humor
and gender, Patrick Henry, director of the Ecumenical Institute at St. John’s
University in Collegeville, Minnesota, mentioned his experience of being one of
five men in an audience of 200 women at a conference on women and theology. He
admitted not knowing when to laugh. He shared this with a woman at the
conference who worked primarily with male clergy. She loved the experience. It
was one of the few times she knew when to laugh.

Make a humor date.
Have you ever done that on purpose? You might have fun making a list of
activities for such an occasion. Here are some ideas:

• Go to a magic store and ask the
clerk to demonstrate the products
• Invite a favorite comedian or
funny friend to lunch
• Look for humor at an art museum
• Go for a drive or a walk in
search of humor
• See how many funny stories you
can collect from people you encounter
• Make people laugh
• Go shopping for things that make
each other laugh
• Create your own humor scavenger
• Volunteer together at a daycare
• Invite funny friends to go on a
double date
• List your favorite funny movies;
then rent one

Once you have your list, put the items in a hat and draw one
out. Or schedule a humor date and then create it.
A friend of mine has created a
Valentine tradition. Throughout the year she collects Valentine gifts. At the
party we take turns throwing a pair of dice. When you get a double, you choose
a gift or you can steal one of the gifts already taken. The chocolate gifts are
usually “stolen” most often. A time limit or a certain number of turns
determines the end of the game.
Find out what makes others laugh.
Make it a point to give them something that reflects their humor and not just
yours. We often give away our humor instead of finding out what makes others laugh
and giving them theirs. This is also a great way to discover new sources of
humor. We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you want them to
do unto you. Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule? Do unto others as they
want to be done unto. Give others what they want instead of what you want to
give or what you think they should want.

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